H&R Apparel socks ! Factory seconds


So our loss is your gain due to manufacturing mistakes we are selling at cost price.


H&R Apparel socks!


The socks have a bamboo foot pad that have antibacterial benefits and comfort. (Bonus no more smelly feet)


The calf section is a nylon spandex blend making it breathable and thin. Reducing Reducing bulk in your top boots/gaiters.


Foot sizing is ladies 7 or smaller up to a ladies 9/9.5


*** Note the Manufacturing faults are listed below and a no return policy will be in place for these items****

1. Socks do have a calf stretch limit of 36-37cm circumference to comfortably get them on over breeches.


I have a calf circumference of 39cm and they are very tight without putting them on over breeches.


2. There is a line in our logo that shouldn’t be there as well in the black bands.


If they are in your size you can grab your self a bargain.




2 Pairs, 3 Pairs, 4 Pairs


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