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Professional bell protector for horses.

The Gatusos® protectors are made of EVA GUMFLY, a revolutionary material unique in the industry, its benefits are many

-Ultra-lightweight, only 118 grs. piece
-Instant wash and dry
-Impact absorbing
-Very durable
-ProMax fastening, extreme fastening system thanks to its double velcro closure

100% made in Spain


Thanks to the GUMFLY EVA material, GATUSOS® protectors are extremely easy to clean.

-Machine or hand washable at up to 30ºC.
-Dry with a chamois or in a ventilated place at room temperature.
-For further cleaning, you can use two drops of sodium hypochlorite (bleach).

-Do not dry in direct sunlight or other heat sources.
-Do not store in hot areas
-Do not use alcohol or derivatives.

These new products can be ordered in, so please email us with expression of interest to include your size and colour in our next order, colours available in the air sets are : Karki , black, white , brown, pink, red blue and navy.


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